High Speed Multi Channel Data Logging System

High Speed Multi Channel Data Logging System

  1. Channel count 2 to 1000 customizable.
  2. Connect any sensor DC, AC, Static, Dynamic, Taco, ICP/IEPE.
  3. Built in Memory of 64 GB and can be increased if needed.
  4. No PC needed, Built in Battery, can be operated with vehicle battery,thus best suitable for vehicle field data.
  5. CAN input for Vehicle CAN Data.
  6. GPS Option for Global Positioning.
  7. Variable Sampling  available for individual channel


  1. FFT Analysis.
  2. Octave Analysis
  3. Brake Test
  4. Order Analysis
  5. Combustion Analysis
  6. Human Body Vibration
  7. Torsional Vibration
  8. Modal Analysis
  9. Shock Response Function

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