Electro Acoustics Analysis System

Electro Acoustics Analysis System

We offer state of the art instrumentation for electro acoustic testing.

Noise and vibration of motors, fans, gears, bearings, pumps and other electromechanical products; Telephones, speakers, receivers, headsets, Bluetooth devices, hearing aids, Mp3 players etc can be quality checked with the help of such instrumentation.

” SoundCheck ” is an accurate and powerful software-based electro-acoustic and audio electronic measurement system.

Virtual Audio Test Bench

A complete laboratory in your PC

Specialized ” SoundCheck ” Algorithms
Powerful measurement algorithms

Point-and-Click Programming Environment
Easy test sequence development

” CLEAR ” Distortion Measurement
Perceptual Rub & Buzz Analysis

We represent Listen Inc USA.
Listen solutions are very fast, flexible and powerful for the on-line production, QC testing and can also be very effectively used for product development and R&D.

Visit www.listeninc.com for the applications, support, literature and webinars.

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