High End NVH System

High End NVH System Sitemap


  • Compact, Robust, Modular, Lightweight, Flexible, Up-gradable
  • Multi-channel data acquisition ranging from 2 channels to 128 channels
  • Connect ICP* Sensors, Load cells and pressure sensors, Thermocouples/Potentiometer,
    Bridge based sensors, Tacho Sensors, LVDT, Charge Based Sensor


  • The PAK software is a compact, highly integrated and versatile system for the measurement of dynamic parameters, ranging from slow bandwidth thermocouples to high bandwidth sound and pressure.
  • It provides quick results, good graphical representation for results enhancing the analysis capability.

Application Sectors

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Naval Applications
  • Machine & Plant Engineering
  • Consumer Goods
  • Universities & Research Institutes

Advanced Pass By System

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