Capacitance Sensors

Capacitance Sensors

Accumeasure System measurement technology is based on the principle of parallel plate capacitor measurement. TM The electrical capacitance formed between an Accumeasure probe and a target surface varies as a function of the distance (gap) between these two surfaces. Capacitance based measurement probes have long been employed as a means of non-contact measurement of electrically conductive materials. In a typical system, our capacitance probe acts as one of the plates and the grounded target the other plate.  amplifier converts the gap’s capacitance into a output voltage proportional to the gap. Capacitive measurements are very stable rivaling interferometer accuracy. The Capacitance is not adversely affected by temperature, humidity and pressure.

Capacitance Probe

We offers wide variety of standard capacitance probes capable of operating with the Accumeasure Digital Capacitance series of amplifiers. MTII also manufactures and designs custom capacitive sensors to meet your specific measurement requirements Read more…


The Accumeasure D series amplifier is a truly new revolutionary design that uses the latest technology to convert a highly reliable capacitive electric field measurement (displacement) directly into a highly precise 24 bit digital reading.
The standard feature quadrature encoder input, provides probe positional information simultaneously with its displacement signal. Capacitance displacement amplifiers used with quadrature encoders synchronize displacement measurements to the probe position to provide accurate surface profiles of various target types Read more…


An Ultra-high Precision Capacitance Gage Offering Nanometer Accuracy.
Outstanding accuracy, stability and repeatability are the hallmarks of the Accumeasure System 9000, a high-resolution, capacitance-based instrument that provides the perfect solution to many previously unattainable measurement applications. Fast response time and extremely low noise levels make it ideal for critical measurements of targets such as rotating spindles/shafts, disks, tires, X-Y stages and semiconductor wafers. The AS-9000 delivers nanometer level resolution for ultra-high-precision measurements – each and every time. It is portable, lightweight, compact, and setup is fast and easy Read more…


The Accumeasure MicroCap is a compact, custom designed, OEM capacitance system for high-precision non-contact measurement. It provides exceptional value and offers sub-nanometer resolution, extremely high stability and fast response time, making it ideal for micro-positioning, thermal correction, focusing and closed loop control applications Read more…


The Accumeasure 500 compact capacitance rack system accepts up to 6 standard or proprietary push/pull capacitance amplifiers. The modular design allows customers to populate the rack with their required number of measurement channels and summing amplifiers for thickness or differential measurements. Compact by design, the Accumeasure 500 is ideal for in vehicle testing of brake rotors, axel runout or thermal expansion testing Read more…

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