Reactive Polymer Based Sensor

Reactive Polymer Based Sensor

New Sensor Technology for Industrial Applications! New sensor technology based on Reactive polymers for industrial applications from Elastisense, built for harsh environments and built to ensure condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to avoid unexpected downtime of the machinery. That makes your application better and more profitable. Twist it, bend it, stretch it! This sensor will hold and continuously deliver data, even in the harshest of environments. These sensors can be used in all kinds of Industry Verticals and Applications Ranging from Structural Health monitoring to OEM applications.

1. DS-Series: Displacement sensing, especially in aggressive applications, can be a real challenge. The choice between non-contact sensors requiring a clean and predictable environment, and cylinder-based sensors being sensitive to vibration and misalignment, can make the choice difficult Read More….

2. EDS Series: The flexible nature of the sensors enables linear and off-axis displacements measurements in all three directions. Our displacement sensor may either be used as a standalone unit or as a part of a system together with other daisy chained sensors Read More….

3. Datasheet Portable Test Kit: The Portable Test Kit accommodates one or two of our ElastiSense displacement sensors when connected to its Data Acquisition Unit (DAU), making up an autonomous displacement data collection system which is plug and play when used with the software and the standard cable(s) that come with it Read More….

4. Application: With DS-Series sensors, you get efficient monitoring of hydraulics, suspension or any other moving parts in your application, allowing for predictive maintenance making you capable of avoiding unexpected breakdowns. Your off-road application simply becomes more efficient and more profitable Read More….

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