Telemetry Sensors Systems

Telemetry Sensors / Systems

ATi’s Telemetry Systems transmit real-time sensor data from a rotating device while the system is running. The system consists of one or more rotating Signal Conditioner/Transmitter modules with power source (battery pack or inductive) and a stationary Receiver. Rotating Transmitters are available to interface with most any type of sensor including but not limited to: strain gages, thermocouples, thermistors, pressure, RTDs and accelerometers. From a basic 1-channel system to a custom system that incorporates multiple sensors and sensor types in the same shaft-mounted telemetry collar, ATi can help you meet your telemetry requirements. Low and high (50,000 rpm) speed systems are available as well as a very wide range of collars sized for the customer’s specific application.

Model 2100i-H Automotive Half-Shaft:

  • Inductively powered
  • Includes captive stationary loop adapter made of selflubricating material
  • Captive stationary loop adapter makes for a fast installation that is not sensitive to inductive antenna location or alignment
  • No shaft modifications are required
  • Requires only 0.5” clearance
  • No noisy, maintenance prone slip rings
  • Break-away connector protects collar should antenna bind
  • Optional optical or magnetic speed sensor

Automotive Wheel Mounted System:

  • Wireless torque measurement
  • Adapter can be mounted between the wheel and the rotor or the wheel can be modified
  • Telemetry collar plate mounts directly to existing wheel lugs
  • Digital RF data link
  • Battery or induction powered
  • Optional wired speed measurement
  • Can be mounted to front or rear wheels
  • Can handle the harshest of environments

Model 2100R-B Band-On System:

  • Modules are secured to the shaft with an abrasion & heat resistant Kevlar band for easy installation on multiple size shafts (2.0” minimum diameter)
  • Stainless steel tensioning device
  • Digital RF data link
  • Remote Shunt Calibration
  • Non-rechargeable and rechargeable systems
  • Withstands up to 2500 Gs
  • Easily moved from shaft to shaft (same or different diameters)

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