Rotary Type Torque sensor:

FUTEK Rotary Torque Sensors, dynamic torque mechanics offer the best advantage for accurate measurements in power tool performance. We offer non-contact in-line mounting configurations and are capable of sensing torsional rotational speeds up to 12,000 RPM.

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technologies strain gauge based torque sensors are widely known in many industries to contain:

  • The Highest accuracy which may conform to many standards from the Automotive to Aerospace.
  • Robust Construction made of either high strength Stainless steel or Aluminum.
  • A guarantee to perform at longest possible work life even at the most rigorous conditions
  • A plethora of mounting options for ANY scale ANY-where.
  • Competitive pricing that separates FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology from the rest.
  • A full gamut of selections with capacities ranging from 5 in.-oz. to 500,000 in-lbs in both Reaction/Rotary.
  • High Frequency Response coupled with mechanically stiff designs

Encoder Options are also available for measurement of Speed along with Torque.